ICYMI Atlanta Jewish Times: Berman, Miller: Ossoff Is 6th’s Pro-Israel Choice

Yesterday, two guest columnists in the Atlanta Jewish Times endorsed Jon Ossoff as the best choice for the Sixth Congressional District.

Atlanta Jewish Times: Berman, Miller: Ossoff Is 6th’s Pro-Israel Choice
May 25, 2017

“For pro-Israel voters in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, Jon Ossoff is the clear choice in the upcoming election.

“… Ossoff comes from a family of immigrants. He recognizes firsthand the importance of welcoming strangers into our midst. He believes that if newcomers to our country work hard and play by the rules, they have every right to build better lives in America.

“[Ossoff’s] travels to Israel, his education under former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren and his tenure as a congressional staffer imbued him with an abiding concern for Israel’s future and a keen sense of its security needs.

“On the campaign trail, he has vowed to prioritize the maintenance of Israel’s qualitative military edge … As a congressional aide, he worked on defense authorization bills that helped fund the Iron Dome and David’s Sling missile defense systems, which have saved countless Israeli lives.

“Ossoff embodies everything our community could hope to see in a candidate … He shares our most fundamental values.

“What more could we ask for? We hope you’ll join us both in voting to send him to Washington on June 20.”

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