Jason Kander and Jon Ossoff Launch Voter Registration Drive

[PHOTOS BELOW] CHAMBLEE, GA – Wednesday, Jon Ossoff, candidate for Congress in Georgia’s Sixth District, and Jason Kander, Former Missouri Secretary of State and President of Let America Vote, an organization dedicated to combating voter suppression, launched a voter registration drive in Chamblee, Georgia. At a local Jon Ossoff for Congress Field Office, Ossoff and Kander thanked volunteers for their efforts to register voters in their community and encouraged Georgians to exercise their franchise in all upcoming elections.

“Voting rights should not be a partisan issue. We’re talking about constitutional rights, about people participating in the democratic process. It should be above politics. That is why we have to keep registering voters. I am honored and thrilled that you are here to help us do that,” Ossoff stated.

Kander continued: “There is just so much momentum here … There’s clearly something special going on here on the ground, and it has a lot to do with Jon. It has people saying, ‘You know what, I wanna follow this guy. I want this guy to be my member of Congress. I don’t really care about all this stuff circling at the national level looking down on us.” What you’re saying is, ‘This guy is gonna do right by my community,’ And you’re right about that. I’m just here to say thank you and do all I can do help.”

After Ossoff and Kander addressed the crowd, volunteers headed out into the district to register new voters.