Jon Ossoff Was the Clear Winner In Tonight’s Debate

In Tonight’s Debate, Ossoff Outlined Plan to Hold Washington Accountable, Handel Questioned About Infamous Komen Foundation Record

SANDY SPRINGS, GA – In tonight’s WSB debate, Jon Ossoff, was the clear winner.

Over the course of tonight’s debate, career politician Karen Handel made several missteps: she languished under scrutiny about her disastrous tenure at the Susan G. Komen Foundation, she showed a lack of basic understanding of the most pressing issues facing the nation, and she continued to mislead voters about how the healthcare bill that she endorsed would remove protections the 328,000 residents of Georgia’s Sixth District who have pre-existing conditions.

In tonight’s WSB debate, Jon Ossoff laid out a robust vision for holding Washington accountable, cutting wasteful spending, and growing metro Atlanta into the Silicon Valley of the South by prioritizing high-tech and biotech research.

While Ossoff made the case for local economic prosperity, Secretary Handel was forced to answer tough questions about her now infamous and well-documented record as an executive at the Susan G. Komen Foundation when she put her personal views first and cut off funding for breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood.

It’s widely understood that Handel engineered the decision to eliminate funding for breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood during her time at the Komen Foundation, despite her efforts in recent days to distance herself from the controversy. Handel was forced to resign from her position at the foundation and the Komen Foundation lost at least $77 million in donations.

During the evening’s debate, Karen Handel was asked a simple and straightforward question: Knowing that the Komen Foundation worked with Planned Parenthood to provide lifesaving breast cancer screenings, why’d you take the job in the first place?

At the time of the debate’s conclusion, no satisfactory answer had been given.