Jon Ossoff holds virtual press conference to discuss new health care plan

WGXA Macon

By: Amaris Jenkins/Erin Wise

MACON, Ga. — Jon Ossoff held a virtual Macon press conference to discuss his new health care plan Tuesday morning. 

The investigative journalist and Democratic U.S. Senate nominee is aimed at ensuring families in central Georgia have more choices at lower costs while fighting to save rural hospitals and invest in new local hospitals, clinics, and an expanded health care workforce.

WGXA asked Ossoff how he planned to accomplish passing his healthcare plan. 

“I’m ready to work with Democrats and Republicans on a bipartisan basis to advance healthcare reform that will help the people of Georgia,” said Ossoff. “That will help make insurance and prescription drugs more affordable. That will expand access to healthcare with new clinics and by hiring more doctors and nurses.”

According to Ossoff, the need to stand up to powerful drug and insurance companies will also play a major role in seeing his plan through. He claims companies have bought off and corrupted Congress. 

In addition, Ossoff’s campaign is reportedly refusing money from corporations like big drug companies. 

Ossoff said he’s willing to fight to ensure every Georgian has adequate health care, 

A press release from Ossoff’s campaign reads, “Unlike his opponent, Sen. David Perdue, who continues to duck the media and his constituents and refuses to hold a public town hall with his constituents, Ossoff is taking his campaign straight to the people and presenting his unifying message of ensuring every Georgian has health care, taking on the corrupt campaign finance system, and providing economic opportunity.”


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