New AARP Poll Finds Ossoff Leading Sen. Perdue

Ossoff 48, Perdue 47

Perdue and GOP continue to play defense in Georgia

Atlanta, Ga. — brand-new poll from AARP, conducted in part by Republican pollster Fabrizio Ward, finds investigative journalist Jon Ossoff leading Senator David Perdue (R-Ga.) 48 to 47 percent with less than two months until election day.

The poll was conducted from August 30 to September 5.

This comes amidst massive defensive spending from the GOP and Senator Mitch McConnell’s super PAC, Senate Leadership Fund, which has spent more against Ossoff than against any other Democratic Senate challenger nationwide. 

Perdue continues to play defense in Georgia, and just last week, he was caught by PolitiFact running a “false” TV ad on pre-existing conditions in an attempt to deceive voters about his record.

Ossoff, on the other hand, is seeing a surge of grassroots momentum throughout the Peach State. His campaign recently announced raising over $4.7 million in the month of August alone, marking the most money ever raised by a Georgia U.S. Senate candidate in one month in history.

This new poll shows that with under two months until election day, and with nearly 800,000 Georgians being sent their absentee ballots in the next week, Ossoff is in a strong position to unseat Perdue on November 3.

“Jon is in a strong position to win this race because Georgians want leaders who have plans to fix problems and improve their daily lives, and Jon is presenting that vision to voters statewide,” said Ellen Foster, Ossoff’s campaign manager. “While Senator Perdue sells us out to the highest bidder, Jon is speaking about his plans to ensure every Georgian has affordable, accessible health care, take on the corrupt campaign finance system, and put working families and small businesses first, and Georgians are responding. We have seen a huge surge in support in Jon’s direction over the last few months, and we are heading into early voting strong.”

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