New Poll Shows Jon Ossoff Winning Sixth District Race

CHAMBLEE, GA – A new poll of likely runoff voters released by the Ossoff campaign shows Jon Ossoff ahead of Karen Handel, 48-47.

“This poll articulates the excitement and momentum we’ve been feeling on the ground: we’re winning,” said campaign manager Keenan Pontoni. “Although we’re not taking anything for granted, it’s important to consider how far we’ve come. Four months ago, nobody expected us to even break 40 percent. Now, after our historic first-place finish on April 18th and this encouraging poll, we’re seeing the results of our community’s massive outreach efforts, and with our plans to ramp up those efforts even more, our campaign is well-positioned to win on June 20th.”

The poll, conducted by Anzalone Liszt research, shows Jon Ossoff ahead of Karen Handel by 1 point, and leading by 12 points among those voters who voted on April 18th but who did not vote in the 2014 midterms.