Newest Ossoff TV Spot Highlights How Metro Atlanta’s Economy Is “All Connected”

SANDY SPRINGS, GA – The Jon Ossoff campaign for Congress in Georgia’s Sixth District today released its newest TV spot, highlighting how metro Atlanta’s economy is “all connected.”

In the spot, called “Connected,” Jon Ossoff discusses how places like the Centers for Disease Control, which has a $6 billion impact on Georgia, drives innovation with its advanced research, while metro Atlanta’s universities and tech schools train students for good jobs created by entrepreneurs in places like the Alpharetta Tech Corridor. Ossoff ends the spot by naming his priorities in Congress: cutting wasteful spending and prioritizing high-tech research.

Read more about Jon’s plan to cut wasteful spending here.

Read the transcript of “Connected” below:

“How do we keep metro Atlanta’s economy growing?
I’m Jon Ossoff, and we have to look at how it’s all connected.
Places like the CDC drive innovation with advanced research.
Our universities and tech schools train our talented young people.
And entrepreneurs create good jobs like in the Alpharetta Tech Corridor.
That’s why in Congress I’ll work to cut wasteful spending and prioritize high-tech research.
I approved this message because it’s all connected.”

“Connected” began airing over the weekend on broadcast and cable in the Atlanta media market.