One Month Later, and Sen. Perdue *Still* Refuses to Debate Jon Ossoff

Ossoff challenged Perdue to five, live televised debates over a month ago

Perdue still has not responded

Perdue has been largely absent for the past five and a half years, having never held a public town hall with his constituents


Atlanta, Ga. — It’s been over a month since Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Jon Ossoff challenged his opponent, Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.), to five, live televised debates throughout Georgia before the November election — but Perdue refuses to respond.

Senator Perdue continues to hide from his constituents, and it’s no wonder why. He has no record to run on. As the pandemic and ensuing economic crisis bore down on Georgia, Perdue was busy buying medical stocks and dumping casino shareswhile echoing Trump’s lies that the virus posed little risk to his constituents’ health or finances. 

Instead of answering his constituents’ questions about the health and economic crises, Perdue recently attended a taxpayer-funded one-hour photo op with President Trump and ignored the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Senator Perdue and Donald Trump have no record to run on besides widespread disease and unemployment, so it’s no surprise that Perdue is too afraid to debate Jon,” said Miryam Lipper, Ossoff’s communications director. “David Perdue only looks out for himself — trading medical PPE and vaccine stocks instead of warning his constituents about the pandemic, and then opposing $1200 relief checks, all while rubber stamping billions of dollars to his Wall Street donors. Georgians are awake to Perdue’s corruption and failure, whether he comes out of hiding to debate or not.”

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