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Ossoff Calls on Fulton County to Provide Clear Guidance for Voters Regarding Delayed Absentee Ballots

Voters across Fulton County have reported widespread delays receiving absentee ballots and lack of information regarding their status

Ossoff calls on Fulton County to provide clear guidance to voters on application status and whether to expect in-person voting will be necessary

Ossoff encourages voters to report all issues to the Voter Protection Hotline: 888-730-5816

Atlanta, Ga. — Today, investigative journalist, media executive, and U.S. Senate candidate Jon Ossoff called on Fulton County’s Registration and Elections office to provide clear guidance for voters amidst continued severe delays in the county’s processing of absentee ballot requests.

(Read Ossoff’s full letter to Fulton County elections chief Richard Barron here)

Earlier this month, Fulton County’s elections office publicly admitted “technical issues” in processing applications sent via email. Then, yesterday, officials claimed to have finished processing the backlog of absentee ballot requests.

Nevertheless, Fulton County voters continue to report widespread delays in absentee ballots delivery for the June 9 election. Many are still waiting for their ballots despite having applied weeks or over a month ago. In some cases, the Georgia Secretary of State’s website fails to provide any information on the status of those outstanding requests.

Today, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Barron acknowledged continued mistakes, quoting his statement, “There’s going to be an oversight here and there with the volume you’re talking about.”

With just 11 days until the June 9 election, and the requirement that county election offices receive ballots by 7 p.m. on Election Day to be counted, voters are under time pressure with inadequate communication and clarity from county election officials.

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