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Ossoff Campaign Calls on Atlanta TV Stations to Take Down Perdue’s False Ad Claiming COVID-19 Relief “Delivered”

Perdue falsely claims to have “delivered” $900 billion in stimulus relief in an ad while President Trump has yet to sign the bill into law

Trump has called the bill a “disgrace,” saying $600 is “measly”


Atlanta, Ga. — Today, the Jon Ossoff for Senate campaign issued a letter to TV stations in Atlanta notifying them that an ad by Senator David Perdue (R-Ga.) trumpeting the claim he “delivered” $900 billion in COVID-19 relief is indisputably false and asking them to stop airing the ad which contains false and misleading information. 

Though Perdue has been quick to take a victory lap for the latest COVID-19 legislation that slashed direct payments in half to $600, it has yet to be signed into law by President Trump, who has called $600 payments “measly” and has called for $2,000 in direct relief instead. 

Because the relief touted by Perdue to bolster his reelection does not exist and has not been “delivered,” the Ossoff campaign requests for local stations to cease running the ad.

In addition, Perdue has not said whether he supports $2,000 stimulus payments, and is now refusing to answer questions from the media, as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Perdue’s aides “declined repeated requests for… comment on his stance.”

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and the introduction of the CARES Act, Perdue has “personally opposed,” “fought against,” and doubled down on his opposition to direct stimulus checks for Georgians. Perdue has said he “held [his] nose” to vote for the initial coronavirus relief package and led the charge to cut unemployment benefits for Georgians.

Ossoff, on the other hand, has called directly on Congress to deliver $2,000 in direct financial relief to struggling Americans, telling CNN that “President Trump is as ever, erratic and all over the place, but on this point tonight, he’s right. $600 is a joke. They should send $2,000 checks to the American people right now because people are hurting.” 

Find the letter here.

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