Ossoff Clear Winner in Atlanta Press Club Debate, Highlights Sharp Contrasts on Health Care, COVID-19 Response

Ossoff highlighted Sen. Perdue’s continued record of working to gut protections for Georgians with pre-existing conditions

Ossoff laid out his plans to root out corruption and lower health care costs for Georgians

Atlanta, Ga. — Investigative journalist and Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Jon Ossoff was the clear winner in today’s Atlanta Press Club and Georgia Public Broadcasting debate, highlighting sharp contrasts with Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) on issues ranging from COVID-19 to health care, including Perdue’s early downplaying of the pandemic and his continued efforts to gut health care protections for 1.8 million Georgians who have pre-existing conditions.

Ossoff laid out a sharp contrast on health care. Perdue has voted to gut the Affordable Care Act and its key protections for women, young people, and those with pre-existing conditions, and Ossoff slammed Perdue for continuing to support the Trump Administration-backed lawsuit to overturn the ACA, during a global pandemic, putting the health care of up to half a million Georgians at risk.

“The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and its protections for Georgians with pre-existing conditions just days after this election, and Senator Perdue, working for the insurance industry, wants to rush through a Supreme Court confirmation to repeal the Affordable Care Act and let insurance companies again deny coverage to Georgians with pre-existing conditions like asthma, diabetes and heart disease,” Ossoff said.

Ossoff, on the other hand, has pledged to fight to protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions like asthma, heart disease, and diabetes, ensure every Georgian has affordable, accessible health care, take on the price gouging by pharmaceutical companies, and invest more in local clinics and rural hospitals.

Ossoff also took sharp aim at Perdue’s early denialism and lies about the pandemic. Perdue told Georgians the risk to our health was “low,” the impact on the economy would be “little,” and compared the virus to the common flu, all while he heavily traded medical and vaccine stocks.

“Senator, 220,000 parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors have been killed by a virus that you insisted was no more deadly than the ordinary flu. When you told us the risk was low, you and Donald Trump both downplayed the threat of this crisis. Do you believe that President Trump has done everything in his power to keep the people of Georgia safe and healthy during this pandemic?” Ossoff asked.

“Today, Jon showed everyone exactly why he is the change Georgia needs in this moment. Senator Perdue downplayed this virus and lied to us about the risks, all while heavily trading medical and vaccine stocks to line his own pockets. That’s not leadership — that’s corruption,” said Ellen Foster, Ossoff’s Campaign Manager. “Jon is fighting to ensure every Georgian has health care, to put Georgia families and small business first, and to rid Washington of the corruption that holds families back. At this moment, Georgians are calling out for new leadership, and our voices will ring out loudly at the ballot box to deliver a historic victory.” 

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