Ossoff Slams Perdue for Supporting GOP Lawsuit to Eliminate Affordable Care Act

Perdue said he “of course” supports the lawsuit that would gut protections for 1.8 million Georgians with pre-existing conditions 

Over half a million Georgians would risk losing their insurance altogether

Perdue has taken over $250,000 from health industry PACs

Ossoff has vowed to ensure every Georgian has health care

Atlanta, Ga. — Today in a virtual press conference, investigative journalist, media executive, and Democratic Nominee for U.S. Senate Jon Ossoff slammed his opponent, Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.), for his support of a Republican lawsuit to overturn the Patient Protection and Affordable Heath Care Act, a continuation of Perdue’s disastrous record on health care.

Repeal of the ACA would gut protections for women, young people, and the 1.8 million Georgians with pre-existing conditions. It would put over half a million Georgians at risk of losing their insurance altogether.

Throughout his time in the Senate, Perdue has voted repeatedly to rip health care away from Georgia families. Perdue has voted 14 times to gut the ACA.

Perdue voted for each major “repeal and replace” bill in the Senate, including his vote in 2017 for the “Better Care Reconciliation Act” which would have allowed insurance companies to impose an “age tax” on older Georgians, gutted protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and according to CBO estimates would have led to 22 million more people uninsured.

Perdue has also been a staunch opponent of Medicaid expansion, which would have helped nearly half a million more Georgians get health insurance, and could have saved dozens of rural hospitals that have closed or are struggling in Georgia in the past decade.

“When asked if he supports this lawsuit, my opponent, Senator David Perdue, said that ‘of course’ he does. Today I am calling on Senator Perdue, in the interest of the health of his constituents and in the midst of a pandemic that has now killed more than 120,000 Americans, to abandon this assault on vital protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions, for women, and for young people, and to reverse his opposition to Medicaid expansion, which will help so many Georgians access the health insurance and health care that they need,” Ossoff said in the press conference. 

“This lawsuit, which Senator Perdue supports, is nothing more than carrying water for the insurance industry, which wants to relieve itself of these vital consumer protections that benefit so many Georgians with pre-existing conditions, so many young people, and so many women in Georgia and across this country.

“This is not a time to be attacking people’s health care — this is a time to be strengthening it. This is a time to ensure that every single Georgian has the health insurance and the health care they need.”

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