As General Election Race Begins, Internal Poll Finds Jon Ossoff Leading Sen. Perdue

Ossoff 45, Perdue 44

Room to grow for Ossoff: Garin-Hart-Yang poll finds Ossoff with a 16-point lead among voters who know both candidates

Vice President Biden leads President Trump 47-43 percent in Georgia

Atlanta, Ga. — A new internal poll from Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Jon Ossoff’s campaign finds the investigative journalist and media executive leading his Republican opponent, Sen. David Perdue, 45 to 44 percent, putting Ossoff in a strong position to win this race with three-and-a-half months left until the November 3 election.

The poll was conducted from July 8 to 15 and surveyed 800 likely general election voters. 

In another sign of sinking Republican fortunes in Georgia, Vice President Biden leads President Trump 47-43 percent in the state. 

Click here to view the memo from Garin-Hart-Yang Research.

The poll finds that among voters who know both candidates (roughly three-fifths of the survey), Ossoff has a 16-point lead, 55 percent to 39 percent. Ossoff’s unifying message of ensuring every Georgian has great health care, taking on the corrupt campaign finance system, and passing a new Civil Rights and Voting Rights Act is resonating statewide.

As leading Democratic pollster Fred Yang writes in the memo, “Jon Ossoff clearly has more room to grow as he increases his name recognition. Currently, Ossoff is recognized by 64% of the electorate, while Perdue has higher name ID at 85%. Among voters who recognize both candidates (61% of the electorate) Jon Ossoff leads by 55% to 39%, which is a strong indication of Ossoff’s ability to grow his positives and thus his vote once he gets better known.”

Yang also notes that Ossoff has stronger support among those who backed him in the poll, which he describes as “unusual” for a challenger running against an incumbent. 66 percent of Ossoff voters say they support him strongly, compared with 61 percent of Perdue’s voters.

“Jon is in an extremely strong position heading toward November. As more voters hear Jon’s unifying message, his support across the Peach State will continue to grow,” said Ellen Foster, Ossoff’s campaign manager. “While Senator Perdue was downplaying this pandemic in public, he was trading medical stocks to line his own pockets, and Georgians are wide awake to his corruption. Georgians demand leaders who put the public interest ahead of their own, and in November, Georgians will deliver a resounding call for change at the ballot box.” 

This poll tracks with other several recent surveys showing a tight contest between Ossoff and Perdue, including a Civiqs poll in May that found Ossoff leading 47-45, a Public Policy Polling survey last month that found Ossoff leading 45-44, and a recent Fox News poll that found Ossoff and Perdue within the margin-of-error.

In addition to strong polling, Ossoff outraised Perdue by over $1.2 million in the second quarter. With an average donation of just $20, Ossoff raised more in the final 20 days of the quarter than Perdue raised during the entire three-month span. This grassroots momentum has translated to tightening polling, and the race has become one of the most competitive nationwide.

Democratic voters are highly engaged in this election. In June, 1,186,660 Georgians participated in Ossoff’s primary, the highest turnout ever, which doubled the Democratic primary turnout from the 2018 Gubernatorial primary. Over 400,000 of this year’s primary voters had never voted in a primary before, and Democrats exceeded Republican primary participation by more than 182,000 votes — the first Primary in which Democrats outvoted Republicans in over a decade. 

Since the November 2018 elections, over 750,000 Georgians have registered to vote. Of those new voters, 49 percent are voters of color and 45 percent are under the age of 30.

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